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Associates Degree Graduation Hoods - College Graduation Hoods

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Associates Graduation Shield - Over 500 Color Combination for our Associate Hood

Our best-selling Associates hood/shield has been astutely intended to lie level at the back and not move around, in any event, when there is bunches of development. Each agreeable, over the head style Associates Shield is produced using a delicate and agreeable silk finish 100% polyester texture in your selection of hues to coordinate the understudy's qualification or field of study.

This lightweight hood can be worn by men or ladies and is a one size fits all style. The simple over the head configuration makes it simple to prepare for the function and this thing is completely adaptable with your selection of colors.

Every Associates Shield has two colors; the base shield shading and a differentiating chevron shading; the two choices are made with our glossy silk finish polyester. All creases are expertly completed and encased and this piece of clothing is reusable a seemingly endless amount of time after year.